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Mary asks…

Which place is better for shopping? Singapore or Malaysia?

I will be converting INR into their currrency. I want to buy electronics, clothes, stationery et cetera. And if you can tell which places not to miss there, it will be better.

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Generally, Malaysia is a cheaper place to shop for goods, however, there may be certain items that you might not be able to find there. In which case, after you finish shopping there, you could drop by Singapore to complete your shopping. Places in Singapore that you could visit are Mustafa Shopping Centre, Funan Centre, Sim Lim Square, Little India and most major shopping malls and centres.

Sandy asks…

traveling in Singapore during the summer?

My family and I will be in Singapore for about a week at the beginning of July. What places would you recommend for us to visit? (two teens in the family, one girl and one boy)

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Singapore is a shopping paradise.

To shop for some traditional chinese stuff, you can go to Chinatown. It is at Chinatown MRT. There is also OG nearby. Chinatown also offers a lot of souvenir that you can get back for your family and friends. Note that the operating hour is only till like 9-10 pm. Chinatown is also a good place for sight seeing.

To do some night market shopping, you can go to bugis village, which is near Bugis MRT. Lots of stuff and bargains. You can also shop at the shopping mall, Bugis Junction, and can also grab some good restautrants there. There is also Sim Lim Square nearby. They offer the best electronic deal there.

To shop for some high-end stuff, you can go to Orchard Road, where all the branded stuffs are located. Takashimay is a good place for high-end shopping. There are tons of shopping malls around that area.

If you want to do some late night shopping, you can go to Mustafa. It’s open 24 hours and there are lots of stuff like clothing, electronics, perfume, toys, sport wear, supermarket etc. The only thing is you may need to catch a taxi because there are no more public transport.

Ya, for sight seeing, you might want to take a photo of the night view of Singapore’s CBD area, accompanied by a 5 star hotel, The Fullerton. You can go to the Esplanade, follow by a visit to Singapore’s icon, The Merlion. The Singapore Flyer is also nearby and you may want to take some nice photos from there.

Ya, and you might want to go to the Marina Barrage. It’s known as the reservoir in the City, where it oversees the whole CBD area. But the activities there are limited to photo taking and admiring the scenic view.
It’s only of the latest tourist spot in Singapore.

If you are willing to spend to enjoy, please go to Sentosa Island. There are lots of activity and places of interest there. You may google it for more information. It may just take the whole day to explore the whole island.

Actually there are still quite some places that you can go, however i decided that i shall not confuse you further by giving you more information. Lol…

July is a good month to shop. I believe it’s during the Great Singapore Sales period!!

Lizzie asks…

are there great deals on electronics during the great singapore sale?

will there be “better” deals on electronics like pcs cameras in singapore during GSS

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

NO !! Most of the brand is more or less control prices (new model),and for item like TV/Audio/,PC/cameras the profit is just less than 5 % for retailer. For new model,agent never lower drown price, there will made-use of this seasons to clear some old model , to different dealer supply by different model. We really no way to compare you may still get ” sales ” and good deals if you like the model .Try Mustafa centre on this GSS ,you may have great deals,( do not worries ,products come with local agent warranty card )

Linda asks…

Where in Singapore would you go to buy vintage electronics..namely LED watches and calculators??

I was planning a trip to Singapore and was wondering where I could go to get vintage electronics. Also, if you know the best electronics plaza for new stuff, I would like to know about that too. Thanks a million in advance!!


Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

The places to go for this are usually SimLim Square or SimLim Tower (few minutes walk apart) or Funan (5 minutes walk from City Hall MRT station).
If you go for SimLim, it usually pays off if you roughly know a reasonable price. Because if you can’t hide the fact that you’re a tourist, they like to charge you a little more. On the other hand, you can bargain here..
Another stop could be Mustafa’s in Little India, especially as they are open 24 hours now. However, from my experience, the quality has suffered in the recent past for goods there…
Other options could be a flea market in Little India on Saturdays or somewhere in the ‘Heartlands’, i.e. The markets/shopping places within HDB estates. A good one to browse is Toa Payoh (same name for MRT station).
Hope it helps a little..
You can always check with the locals/concierge or taxi drivers when you arrive.

Ken asks…

Where is the best place to shop in singapore? Where are the best places for bargains?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

As everyone else has said, it depends what you’re looking for. I really like VivoCity, and it was rated as the best Shopping Mall Experience in Singapore. That is like a mall though.
Mustafa Centre you can get a lot of stuff and for pretty cheap comparatively. Plus it is open 24 hours, which is a real plus.
Otherwise, try your hand haggling in Chinatown or Clementi Marketplace or any other little roadside marketplace. Sometimes you can get some great deals…just don’t be afraid to walk away.
If you’re looking for electronics, go to Simlim. However, if you go there, make sure you are prepared to barter. They start the prices out waaaaaaaay too high and expect you to lower them.

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