Mustafa Singapore Prices FAQs

Donna asks…

What are the differences of chocolates sale in Mustafa Singapore and other Malls in Singapore?

Aside from prices yes in Mustafa much cheaper, but is the also manufacturing also different or all same? If same then why it is so cheap?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

One thing i notice is that, some of the chocolates are actually produced in the uk (eg:cadbury) instead of malaysian-produced that are being sold in the other supermarkets here. And i dont know why, i prefer those made in the uk better. And they have more selections to choose from!

*an avid fan of mustafa’s choc selections ,can be spotted lingering around the choc section to choose my chocolate stash! 🙂

Daniel asks…

which brands of boxers is good and comfortable in singapore?

I am getting some boxers for my bf for our 6mth anniversary. He is a brief guy. So i would like to get him a comfortable pair. pls recommend me some brands, and the prices, and where to buy them. Thanks!!

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Jockey is the best brand of boxers which is really too good and comfortable.. Am using that one too.. Renoma is also good.. Calvin Klein also is nice.. Levis also has boxers these days.. But still prefer Jockey. Hahaha.. Gifting boxers for your guy this 6 months anniversary is a really naughty thing to do.. Or funny.. Depends how the society takes it.. Since ya exposed it.. Or depends how he takes it.. Lol.. Nah, i didnt take it in any sense, dont worry, ok? Just kidding.. He still wears briefs? Aarrgghh.. Thats unhealthy.. It can cause abrasions on the inner thighs especially when long time walking in a hot place like singapore.. Prices am not sure.. Just go metro or robinsons or mustafa lah..

And when he at home or indoors, ask him not to wear any inner wear.. Be it boxers or briefs.. Just ask him throw away all his briefs, and get it 5 sets of boxers lah.. Not white.. Men can get dirty in it.. Other colors.. K?

Ask his size first.. They follow by waist.. Not by the tool size.. Lol

Ruth asks…

Which is the best place to buy mp3 players in singapore?

Which is the best place to buy mp3 players in singapore?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Mohamed Mustafa on Serangoon Street is a great place to shop with fixed prices. Prices vary but this is by far the most reasonable place to shop

Sharon asks…

Is there any equivalent for Target in Singapore?

I used to be from the USA and moved to Singapore, and was shocked there wasn’t any Target around. Is there something similar to Target here in Singapore?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Try Mustafa’s – they have a great selection of everything from groceries to sporting goods, clothing to kitchenware. The prices are great and they’re open 24 hours. If you go after midnight, it’s also a great place to people-watch.

Jenny asks…

Can I take Omega 3 or other liquid capsules as cabin baggage?

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to travel via Tiger Airways from Australia to Singapore. I could only bring cabin baggage only (7kg) and I’d like to bring a box of Omega 3 with me, it’s about 100 liquid capsules.

Does anyone know if they allow liquid capsules in cabin baggage?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

It should be fine. Even if they are confiscated you can buy them at any pharmacies. Mustafa Center has many brands that are competitive priced.

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