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Paul asks…

Visiting Singapore this month.?

I’ll be visiting Singapore this month and will be spending around 4 days there. Thing that i am really looking forward to are:
1.Singapore Zoo/ Night Safari (are these 2 same?)
2.Universal Studios

What else can i do in Singapore? and are there any other attractions on Sentosa Island apart from Universal Studios and how much time do i need..?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Hey! I went to Singapore recently, last May 22. I stayed there for 7 days.

Day 2
I went to Sentosa Island. We were there until 9pm I think.
We watched a show called “Songs Of The Sea”.

Day 3
First we went to Jurong Bird Park. The show there is really fun and funny!
Then we went to Night Safari, its so cool and a little better at the Jurong Bird Park because you get to ride a tram (like a small train or a big van) then see different animals. Some animals are really near the tram, I quite got scared cause I was sitting at the side.

Day 4
We went to Orchard Road. Its like known as the “Shopping Capital”. There’s lots of brands there, like a 3 story building for Forever 21, Dorothy Perkins, Zara, Luis Vuitton, Gucci etc.
There’s also a mall there called Plaza Singapura
It’s fun really if you’re into shopping.
Then we went to Singapore Flyer, which is slow. Its not really a ride. It’s more of a ride for you to take pictures of the city. Then we went to Marina Bay Sands (which is super expensive)

Day 5
We went to Universal Studios. I think this is the day that I’ve been waiting for. I expected a lot of things that happened but I got pissed too. There’s a ride named Treasure Hunter that sucks. We thought like we’re going inside a plane also hunt but no, we just rode a a car that is super slow and there will be plastic snakes that scares kids or something.

Day 6
We shopped around Bugis Junction, “Boogie” or called Bugis Street. We ate at Victoria’s Street.
You can also eat at Albert Center.
Then we went to the MERLION. Which is the place you need to see. Because it’s like when you hear Singapore the “merlion” will have to pop out. Cause it represents Singapore
After is Little India in Mustafa, its a great place to see too, but be sure not to cover your nose because it’s like your disrespecting the Indians.
Then LAST is Chinatown. I needed to go there because I need to buy this super big fan that we need in a dance.

So Day 1 and Day 7 is just at the airport or hotel. We arrived like 6pm in Singapore on Day 1 that’s why.

You definitely need the whole day to go to Sentosa Island and another separate day to Universal Studios. Night Safari is opened I think 6:30 or 7:00. We didn’t go to Singapore Zoo anymore cause some think its rubbish. Because they said you’ll just meet animals. So Night Safari is better to see animals.

I went to Singapore because of dancing. I went with my dance friends. I went there with my grandparents and my sister.

Ken asks…

places worth seeing in singapore??

am going on a package tour to singapore for 4 days…can u guys tell me which all places are worth seeing???

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

* Mustafa Centre (a must!)
* Little India
* Sentosa Wax Museum (i have brought many tourists there, they’re impressed)
* The Singapore Zoo / Night Safari
* Orchard Road for your shopping pleasure
* Beaches in Sentosa Island
* Raffles Hotel
* Boat Quay & Clarke Quay during sunset & enjoy the nightlife

Richard asks…

wnere in singapore got steamboats, steamboats buffets, steamboats buffet to eat, hotels, coffeeshops, hawkers

centres , hawkers centres , or otherwise ?????

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:


Mark asks…

Is there any body can tell me where to get Bear Brand Medicated Oil ( Minyak gosok cap Beruang). Very good pro

Is there any body can tell me, where to get Bear Brand Medicated oil ( Minyak gosok cap Beruang) I got one bottle from a friend before and it is very good medicated oil but I can not find it in Singapore and Malaysia.

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Mustafa centre. All the medicated oils from India, Malaysia, Singapore and China. All containing similar igredients. Your Bear brand is probably no different.

Ruth asks…

Where to buy the cheapest cosmetics in Singapore?

I am a secondary school student in singapore and does not have lots of cash to spend on cosmetics. Thus i am looking for the best place to buy cosmetics without spending lots of money.

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Depends on the brand you looking can get branded but slightly cheaper at airport duty free shop or mustafa shopping centre at serangoon road

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