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Thomas asks…

where is the dirtiest place in singapore?

Singapore is one of the cleanest places in the world. Is there any place in Singapore that is as dirty as a third world country?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Serangoon Road, the area around Mustafa departmental store especially during weekends.

Steven asks…

where i can buy kronos Hair Care in Singapore?

I’ve been reading reviews about this product and would like to try it. Can anyone tell me if this product is being sold locally in singapore? Thanks! =)

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:


William asks…

where can I buy zoo tycoon 2 in singapore?

I have cheked IMM for Zoo tycoon 2.Can any one pls tell me where to buy zoo tycoon 2 in singapore?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:


Sandra asks…

Where can I buy Xanthan Gum in Singapore?

I want to try out some recipes that calls for using Xanthan Gum. Where can I buy it in Singapore?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

You can try Phoon Huat which is a wholesaler for baking needs. Alternatively you can try Mustafa at Farrer Park MRT Station

Donna asks…

How / Where to get indian tablets in Singapore?

I was prescribed restozeal (fourrts (india) laboratories pvt. ltd.) or Easyslim (Global nutrition). Where or how can get that tablet in Singapore? I tried to buy it online… but was not able to.

Can someone from Singapore guide me how / where can one get those tablets?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Not online. Your best bet would be Mustafa @ Little India. If not available, you can request them and they can try to help you.

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