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Sandra asks…

wats the cost of ps2?

wats the cost of ps2 in mustafa centre

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

I bet the price has come down to 5000rs probably

Daniel asks…

is there a tattoo shop in October 6 in Egypt or in city stars in na9r city?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Yes there are some professional Centers for tattoos in Cairo and some located in Nasr City and specially city stars and off the Mustafa alnahas st. Extension , and their working hours ( 12 pm till 10 pm ) and the Price vary but as far as i Know its 200 Pounds

Most of the tattoos are Birds , Butterflies , palm tree , lion , flowers , ( catch it ) , Weird . And a lot more

Helen asks…

where r the cheapest places to go shopping?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Little india (especially Mustafa centre)
Bugis (but you have to “fight” for the price)
Johor Bahru (not in Singapore, but it is only at the other side of the bridge, less than 1 hour drive)
Batam Centre (a little bit further than JB, about 1 hour by ferry, but the things are cheaper than Singapore & JB)
Bangkok (this one is too far la)

Happy shopping

Mary asks…

Stopping over in Singapore……?

On my trip, I will be stopping over in Singapore… I will be arriving at like 7pm, and then my next plane leaves at 1pm the next day.
I have got a hotel for my stopover, but I’m wondering if it is worth doing anything there or just sleeping?
Last time I went to Singapore was 14 years ago… I was 4 and so I don’t remember much!
Also, is it safe for me to browse around shops etc as a 18 year old female travelling alone?


Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Arriving at 7 pm, after passport check ( peak hour ) you reach town hotel is around 9.00pm. Maybe just walk around orchard area ,enjoys Singapore night ,cafe will be 24 hour , try some local food , if you could not sleep early, is very SAFE in this area, do not worries .Orchard shopping is close around 9.30pm. ( some Friday/sat may open till 12.00am ) OR go to 24 hour Mustafa centre ( litter India area ) , you can get any things in good prices , not bad to visit. Just walk around ,why sleeping ? You still young to experience more things, as Singapore is always SAFE.

Chris asks…

What places in singapore are open in Feb 14th, and how to avoid the crowds?

I really have bad luck all the time.. i guess its the same in travel as well..

I will be arriving in singapore at Feb 13 night, and according to some post. All shops in singapore are close from Feb 15 to 16th.. and there is nothing to do.

Most of the tour spots will be packed with people.. so I am thinking of just walking in a park or something.. some also said the zoo will be packed too. is this true?

Any suggestions on nice places to go while most of the shops in sing are closed?

that bad huh?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

There is no reason why shops would be closed on the 14th to 16th of February. In fact, a lot of shops look forward to the money they can earn from Valentine’s Day. The zoo might not be very packed since the dates are weekdays.

I’ve heard that Labrador Park is nice but I have never been there. You can also go to Lower Pierce Reservoir, which is a small area but it’s pretty and nice to sit and have a little picnic in. There are some monkeys in the area. I do’t think anyone else will mention Lower Pierce Reservoir but it’s worth a visit for some quiet time. Google the parks to check their locations.

You can avoid the main shopping district Orchard Road to avoid the crowds. There’s a mall called City Square in Farrer Park, which is near Little India. You can take a walk through Little India, which will lead you to Farrer Park. It’s a straight road as long as you don’t venture into the little lanes. There is also a big departmental store named Mustafa Centre in Farrer Park which many of my foreign friends and family love because you can get almost anything at cheaper prices there. It’s open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

I hope this helps.

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