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Donna asks…

Where can I buy Lotus Herbal Products in Singapore?

I want to buy Lotus Herbals Products in Singapore. I have searched in Mustafa and most local indian shops but did not find it. Can anybody help me?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Ebay has this type of products

Mary asks…

Where in Singapore can I buy a semi-formal white dress for a masquerade party?

I am 40 and don’t want a short prom dress, something elegant that won’t break the bank. I also need a suggestion on where to buy the mask.

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Mustafa’s – they sell everything!

Laura asks…

Where is the best money changer in singapore to exchange Philippine Peso?

I read an article that there are some money changers who are unlicensed and some do cheat. please help me where to change my Peso to Sing dollar.

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

I would not recommend those…their rates might be good but they notes might be fake… I usually change my money at Mustafa… Rates are much better there.

Daniel asks…

Any shopping mall and restaurant open in Singapore during CNY?

Hi there, is there any shopping mall or restaurant in Singapore open during CNY? I heard some shopping malls are opened. Pls help me out here.. Thank you guys 🙂

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Little India (City Square, Mustafa) is open and some of the shops in Orchard are open too.

Most of the race course road restaurants are open.

William asks…

Where can i buy battery for my sony video camera?

i had checked with Sony and they are selling at $249
its too expensive.
so i checked with Mustafa, they are selling at $199 but they dont bring in the stock anymore…
i am in Singapore.. can anyone help me or introduce ?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Have you tried eBay??

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