Mustafa Singapore Mall Faqs

Nancy asks…

mustafa is ti the cheapset shopping mall?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Mustafa is one of the cheapest Shopping Mall in Singapore. Its opend 24 hrs daily and have everthing you ever want inside – including the kitchen sink.

One of the reasons its so cheap is basically because it sells goods that are close to expiry.


Thomas asks…

where Can i find Ashanti wine in singapore?

I am in singapore , and i wish to know where i can find ashanti wine , chiwara or shiraz, and what other’s think of it.

Singapore only.

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Mustafa mall!!

Paul asks…

im in singapore for a holiday…i would like to knw where i can shop for toiletaries and footwear?

i visited mustafa and i saw the bath washes are so many in varieties in dove and cheap too whereas in india its not so….i would like to knw where i can get the nice shoes for a cheap staying in jurong west extension.could anybody please help me and tell me about the cosmetics too cuz in chennai i get almost all of the ajor cosmetics brands but then i would like to knw how much they will be…something low priced….also im buying fruits too so i would like to knw where i can fruits in loose and not in package..excepting the durian…plz plz plz help

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

I find this a really strange question. Here you are in shopping Paradise and you can’t find toiletries and footwear? When in doubt, go to Orchard Road, but there are tonnes of shops in Jurong West, Jurong East,, Katong, Tampines, Clementi, Joo Chiat, Robinsons, Takashimaya, Seiyu, Bugis, ION Orchard – there is a shopping mall in every street corner!!

Carol asks…

where can we get fresh goat meat in singapore?

where can we get fresh goat meat in singapore

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

I understand you can get it from several traders at the Tekka Mall in the heart of Little India. It’s not far from Mustafa’s on Syed Alwi Rd. See map (2) I’ve left in ‘sources’ below.

Betty asks…

why does there is no unified pricing of petrol ,medicine,and other required everyday life items in singapore?

why every one is charging diffrent price for same thing ,esp the essential goods.,
like the petrol costs cheap at 1 station and very expensive at another place with same quality.

Tootpaste costs expensive in some malls and always cheap in mustafa shopping .

Food and fruits cost is also diffrent .

why customer are taken for a ride in singapore

is there any way to control this situation .

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

There is no reason whatever why they should be of uniform price. Vendors are free, as they should be, to charge whatever they please, and their costs and clienteles differ so their prices will also.

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