Mustafa Singapore – All You Need & Don’t Need

The moment you are at Mustafa Singapore, you will probably forget you are indeed in Singapore. Forget the orderly Singapore. Chaotic bustling crowd rules here.

Imagine finding fruits, vegetables, food, groceries, cheap stuff, branded stuff, fake stuff), electronics, gadgets, electrical appliances, gold, watches, jewelry, textiles, clothes, shoes, perfume, toiletries, bags, souvenirs, makeup, medicines, pharmacy, foreign currency exchange… all under one roof at Mustafa Centre at Little India, Singapore. If you can’t control your shopping temptation, you will end up not only with what you need, but also what you don’t need.

Mustafa Singapore
Mustafa Singapore at Syed Alwi Road, Little India
Pharmacy at Mustafa Singapore
You can literally find everything at Mustafa Singapore, even medicine and drugs

Come during the weekend if you want to experience the crowd and excitement of shopping and bargaining. Mustafa Singapore is not only the favorite shopping mall for budget travelers but also a gathering spot and hangout place for many locals and immigrants from India.

People come to Mustafa Centre to shop, but for different reasons. Travelers are here to get their souvenirs, exchange money, buy electronics stuff or even expensive stuff like jewelry. For the locals, they are here to buy food and groceries and hangout.

Many Locals Come to Mustafa Singapore Every Week to Buy Groceries
Look at the trolley load of groceries bought by these two ladies at Mustafa Singapore

Shopping Tips at Mustafa Singapore

Things are cheap at Mustafa Singapore. A lot cheaper than the upmarket shopping mall. Having that said, not everything are the cheapest here. You can only find best bargain if you know the price. If you are a traveler or foreigner, buying blindly without knowing the price elsewhere is not a good idea. You need to do some survey to spot the best bargain. If you are buying a lot of souvenirs to bring home, you could compare the price between China Town and Mustafa Singapore before buying.

Ladies looking for clothes, bags, fashion accessories, cheap jewelry and makeup items will fall in love with Mustafa Singapore. Variety in design are at its best here. You can buy in bulk as souvenirs for friends and relatives. Don’t forget to ask for discount if you buy in bulk.

Buying Clothes at Mustafa Singapore
Piles of Clothes at Mustafa Singapore for Bargain Hunters

Buy Gold at Mustafa Singapore

Mustafa Centre is also known as the best place to buy gold and jewelry in Singapore. Many tourists buy gold in Singapore because of the generous gst tax refund offered by the Singaporean government through its Tourist Refund Scheme. A lot of tourists from India and China come here to buy gold not only because of the wide variety in design but also for investment and keeping. This is more so especially with the recent drop in gold price. If you plan to buy gold at Mustafa Singapore, at least know the market price (per gram) in your home country   before you come to Singapore. That way, you can compare the price you get at the gold marts in Mustafa Centre with the deal you get back home. Always ask for official receipt when you buy gold here. Check if they type of gold (e.g. 916, 999) and the weight are correctly stated in the receipt.

Gold and Jewelry Shops at Mustafa Singapore
Mustafa Singapore - Singaporean favorite place for Gold and Jewelry

Money Changer at Mustafa Singapore

Many tourists and new arrivals to Singapore come to Mustafa Centre for currency exchange. The exchange rates at Mustafa Centre are very competitive. You can ask around at different money changers here to get the best price. If you come during the weekend, the crowd will give you very good indication on where the best deals are. Don’t be shy to ask those who are in the queue.

currency exchange at Mustafa Singapore
There are many money changers at Mustafa Singapore

Eating at Mustafa Singapore

Getting hungry after wrestling through the crowd at Mustafa Singapore? Not a problem. Head to the Kebabs ‘n Curries rooftop restaurant at Mustafa Centre. If you love Indian food,  you would not be disappointed here.

Cafe at Mustafa Singapore
This is just one of the Cafe at Mustafa Singapore.

Travel Services – Indian Visa

It may not make sense, but you have probably heard rumor that it is quicker to get your Visa to India in Mustafa Centre Singapore travel agents than at the Indian Embassy. Many Singaporean who are planning to go to India prefer to come here to get their visa done.

What You Can’t Find at Mustafa Singapore…

That is a tough question. How about toilet paper in the toilet? Unlike other places in Singapore, you are most probably not going to find toilet paper in the toilets here. So next time, bring some tissue paper with you when you visit Mustafa Singapore, just in case you have to answer your nature call.