Tourist Warning – Beware of Touts at Mustafa Singapore

Because of its ability to draw large crowd of tourists with cheap and bargain shopping, Mustafa Singapore has recently become the target of touts selling cheap tickets for attractions in Singapore such as Singapore Flyer and the Universal Studios on Sentosa Island. The presence of touts at Mustafa Centre to sell tickets for these attractions below market price has created a lot debates in the travel agent industry to an extend that this is reported in the news by Straits Time. Many Singaporean locals and tourists who pay full price for the tickets are unhappy about these cheap tickets offered by the touts at Mustafa Singapore.

Straits Time News: Psst, want tickets to S’pore Flyer at half price?

From the Straits Time news report, it was learnt that these cheap tickets come from travel agents who bought the tickets in bulk at a discount price on the terms and conditions that they must sell it at normal price for a profit. However, these tickets come with an expiry date. When expiry date approaches and the travel agents fail to sell the ticket, they sell the tickets at cost to these touts, who in turn, sell these tickets can afford to sell these tickets at discount price.

As Mustafa Singapore draw a large number of tourists days and nights, it has become the favorite shopping mall for these touts to sell their cheap tickets to these tourists who come to Mustafa Singapore to shop.

Should you buy tickets from touts at Mustafa Singapore?

No. It is not recommended even though you may get the tickets for Singapore Flyers or Universal Studios at a discount. Although these tickets can be used without problem, they are often tickets which near the expiry dates. If you miss the expiry date, the tickets can no longer be used.

Furthermore, many touts, be it those operating at Mustafa Singapore or elsewhere, would offer other services such as mini-van to bring you to the destinations. There services are often unlicensed. You may end up paying more for these services if you are not careful.

These touts are not hired by Mustafa Singapore. In fact, they are just taking advantage of Mustafa Centre because a lot of tourists are here for bargain shopping. If you are visiting Mustafa Singapore, ignore those who “pssst” and try to offer you cheap tickets.