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John asks…

What changed after WW1 and what stayed the same?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

The German Empire collapsed and was replaced by an unpopular, weak republic, while the German economy was ravaged by four years of war and blockade. Germans were much poorer in 1919 than they were in 1913, and this would continue through the hyperinflation and poor economic decisions of the next decades.

The French nation had been decimated by the war, with well over a million mostly young men killed and at least as many badly maimed, while a huge swath of Northern France was devastated by the war. Almost everyone in France had a family member, friend, or neighbor killed or badly wounded in the war. France did expand its industry, but at great cost.

Britain had lost almost a million men and spent incredible amounts of money, but actually added to its colonial empire in Africa and ensured that no one country would achieve hegemony in Europe. The British Army by the end of the war was the most advanced and best led army in the world. The various Dominions (especially Canada and Australia) began to demand greater autonomy in recognition for their contributions in the war.

Russia collapsed into civil war, finally consolidating under a communist dictatorship in 1922. Millions of Russians died from war, disease, starvation, and civil strife and their monarchy was replaced by an equally bad dictatorship.

Italy suffered from repeated, ill-advised offensives and the perceived lack of recognition of their contributions at the peace conference. Italy’s weak democracy was replaced by Mussolini’s fascist takeover.

Austria-Hungary broke apart into several small states. The Austrians desired union with Germany, but the peace treaty forbade it. Parts of the Empire were absorbed into the new nation of Yugoslavia, while others were absorbed into Romania. Czechoslovakia broke off on its own.

Poland was recreated after more than a century of occupation. However, the new Polish state was not popular with the Russians or the Germans.

Serbia became the leaders of the new Yugoslavia, composed of the lands of many Balkan Slavs. This new country received support from France in order to build up its strength as a potential ally against a resurgent Germany.

The United States reverted to isolation, upset at having entered a “European war” and that nothing had come out of it except over 100,000 coffins. The American economy grew after the war at a record pace.

Japan found itself treated like something less than the equal it believed itself to be, which put strains on Japan’s developing democracy, eventually to be destroyed as a result of the poor government controls on the military and the Great Depression.

China began to collapse into a variety of warlords with a very weak central government, while the Chinese communists formed their own party. This made China look very attractive as an avenue of conquest to Japan.

Turkey lost its empire but maintained a fair portion of Turkish lands. Modern Turkey would be secular and Western, and was led by the “savior” of Gallipoli, Mustafa Kemal, later known as Ataturk.

Thomas asks…

Questions about Joe Calzaghe?

1) Where would you rank him at Super Middleweight?

2) Where would you rank him at Light Heavyweight?

3) Even though Calzaghe’s competition wasn’t very good overall, would you blame him for it or blame the politics of the fractured titles era?

4) What do you think are Calzaghe’s most exciting fights?

5) Joe Calzaghe vs the following at Light Heavyweight:

Bob Foster
Billy Conn
Harold Johnson
Eddie Muhammad Mustafa
Dwight Muhammad Qawi

6) What do you think of Calzaghe as a fighter?

7) What do you think of Calzaghe as a person(even though that might have nothing to do with boxing)?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

1) no 1 unbeaten for nearly 20 years what more could he do
2) i don’t he wasn’t a light heavy he just had two fights there to fight Bhop & RJJ
3) Calzaghe was promoted by frank warren who wouldn’t let his fighters have risky fights at first in case they lose and he loses his cash cow a bit like floyd now ,but once he split from warren who owned calzaghe £2,000,000 in unpaid purses joe went straight to america to fight hopkins and jones so i don’t blame joe rather frank warren who makes bob arum look like a saint .plus RJJ wanted nothing to do with calzaghe till they fought
4) Eubanks was a good fight and to deck the iron chin eubanks in the first round was a shock to me ,the jeff lacey fight was great as it was the most one sided fight i have ever seen that went the distance joe was perfect that night & it changed my opinion of him
5) i’m not sure here as joe wasn’t a light heavy but he did beat hopkins at that weight who belongs in the list you have so i think joe would do ok and i think he would box Qawi ears off like he did to lacey
6) as a fighter the Calzaghe that most know wasn’t the calzaghe that was fighting at 24 then he was a power puncher who won 20 of his first 21 by ko but he keep damaging his hands so he changed styles to become a volume puncher rather than a puncher if calzaghe had stronger hands he would off been an even more dangerous fighter than he was
7) i’ve seen lots of interviews of joe and he seems a very down to earth nice guy that never got to carried away with being a star . He hasn’t blown his money on Bentley’s and he seems the same guy he did 20 years ago and still lives in wales near his dad , ok he got court doing coke but half of britain does it at the weekend and i’m sure it was just a faze as lots of boxers let their hair down once they stop fighting after years of living a spartan life .

Sharon asks…

Grounded until i finish this test can someone please help me?

as the title say im grounded from everything until i finish this test any help you can give would i would be extremely greatful for.

Because most of the inhabitants in Southwest Asia live near reliable sources of water, the population of the region is
unevenly distributed over the area.
concentrated in small desert villages.
greatest in highland areas.
more than 90 percent Muslim.

Small rivers are important to the region because
there are no large rivers in the area.
only small rivers deposit rich soil when they flood.
rivers are the major source of water in the region.
rivers are the main means of transportation in the area.

All of the following are among the Pillars of Islam except
performing daily prayers.
memorizing the Koran.
giving to charity.
making a Hajj.

As the rural population of the region grows, and less and less arable land is available, farm families are forced to
become nomadic herders.
tear down dams and irrigation systems.
move to the cities to earn a living.
move to herding villages along major rivers.

All three of the major religions that developed in Southwest Asia
are monotheistic.
originated in Iran.
were based on the teachings of Muhammad.
used Arabic as the language of their holy books.

What occurred after the fall of the Ottoman Empire?
The Seljuk Turks conquered almost all of Southwest Asia.
The followers of Muhammad invaded Mesopotamia, Palestine, and Persia.
Islam successfully governed the people in Southwest Asia as one political region for 150 years.
Southwest Asia was divided into several countries and political entities

What is Israel’s greatest resource?
naturally fertile land
a skilled work force

Why have countries on the Arabian Peninsula invested large sums of money to develop industries other than the oil industry?
Oil revenues are too low to support their economies.
The countries need to provide jobs for their large populations.
The countries realize that one day they will run out of oil.
Most countries on the Arabian Peninsula have large amounts of other resources.

What is one of the changes that Turkey’s president Mustafa Kemal, or Ataturk, brought to the country?
He created a bond between Islam and the Turkish government.
He replaced public secular schools with traditional Islamic schools.
He gave women many political and legal rights.
He replaced European law with Islamic law.

What was the result of Iran’s 1979 revolution?
The Sunnis defeated the Shiites in their struggle for control of Iran.
Iran cut off Western influence and became an Islamic republic.
The Iranian Persians defeated the Iraqi Arab rule.
Iran became a modern, Western nation.

The Indian subcontinent is separated from the rest of Asia by the
Ganges River.
Deccan Plateau.
Eastern Ghats.

Because the Western Ghats block the monsoon winds, the interior of the subcontinent has a climate that is
hot and dry.
cold and wet.
warm and humid.

Most of the people in South Asia make their living from

The factor that is forcing many South Asians to move to cities is
religious conflict in rural areas.
the threat of landslides in coastal areas.
lack of arable land due to a growing population.
dry conditions in the Indo-Gangetic Plain.

The two religions with the most followers in South Asia are
Hinduism and Christianity.
Christianity and Sikhism.
Hinduism and Islam.
Sikhism and Buddhism.

In order to avoid being ruled by a majority religion to which they did not belong, in 1947
12 million Indians migrated to other Asian nations.
all of the Muslims living in Pakistan left the country.
millions of Hindus moved to India and millions of Muslims moved to Pakistan.
most of the Hindus living in India moved to Pakistan.

A war between India and Pakistan in 1971 resulted in the
unification of East and West Pakistan.
creation of the new nation of Bangladesh.
largest migration of refugees in history.
establishment of East Pakistan as a colony of West Pakistan.

In recent years, many Indians have
moved from rural areas to the cities in search of better educational and employment opportunities.
returned to rural villages and to traditional ways of life.
left India’s large, overcrowded cities to live in small towns.
moved from remote villages to small towns.

The Indus River is important to Pakistan because the river
is held sacred by the Muslims.
drains the flood waters left by the monsoons.
deposits rich silt behind the Tarbela Dam.
provides water for irrigation.

Because of its location and physical terrain, Afghanistan
is threatened by dangerous flood waters during the summer monsoons.
has been a route for merchants and soldiers crossing from China to India.
is the leading agricultural and trading nation in the region.
is isolated from other countries in the region.

How do the monsoons and the mountains influence the climate in South Asia?
Include in your answer an analysis of how monsoons can be responsible for survival and hardship in this region.

Do you think that the British influence in India was positive or negative? Explain your answer.

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Frankly, I think you need to stay grounded instead of cheating by having us do your test.
This website will help you

Paul asks…

Insurance companies in Saudi Arabia?

Do Saudis buy life insurance for themselves?

Also, does anyone know if buying life insurance is halal in Islam? Once someone told me it may be, but I would like to know for sure. Thanks.
I meant to say it may not be
i see what you mean, but I wouldn’t say that considering this means you don’ t have trust in Allah. I mean you prepare as much as you can, and them you put your trust in Allah. I see that as part of preparing. Of course, if it is haram, it is not something that I would do, but it is not haram because of having the trust on Allah or not, it is so because of riba etc.
“The only thing I do know about is that some Saudi companies will continue to pay the wife the husband’s salary if he dies. ”
That’s really good to know. I wonder if I get Saudi citizenship and I die my company will pay my husband also if I’m working. That’s something I’ll want to look into.
I appreciate those numbers. I was wondering if something like that was available. It is very difficult to find a real scholar over here. It is good to have these resources in case they are needed. I will pass the list over to my local Masjid.

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Insurance is a new thing in Saudi. Many laws changed due to a few reasons, one of them, is Saudi joining the World Trade Organization.

There was only one company working in insurance, which is Al Ta’awoniyyah, when a law came out making insurance on cars mandatory.

In the last 12 months, many companies were started and exist in the stock market.


Many of them are small and just started so I wouldnt trust them like I would Al Ta’awoniyyah.

Insurance, in general, is something in which scholars have different opinions on.

Generally theres two types of insurance

1- Commercial insurance ( as you know it )

2- Ta’awonee (hence the company name, Al Ta’awniyyah”, which is kinda decieving because it doesnt do this type of insurance ) or cooperative insurance, in which people “donate” money, and management gets to take management costs, but theres no profits made, and if nothing happens to your car or whatever you get like 90% of your money back, 10% going to management.

This way, insurance holders are the owners of the company as well.

The second kind, all agree is halal.

The first, most say is haram, but a few, yet very respectable scholars say is halal.

Some of these scholars are Al Manee’ ( from the senior scholars in Saudi, and actually a teacher of a newer generation of scholars in “Islamic economics” that consider this type haram ), Al Garree, and Shiekh Mustafa Al Zarqa.

I, although not the type that just like to follow whats easy and convenient like some do, am convinced that the first opinion is the right one because

1- I feel that “resistance to change” is a factor, and many arent that open to new stuff, in any society, anywhere, and sometimes thats a good thing, sometimes not.

2- That the burden of proof is on who says its haram, since everything is halal unless mentioned otherwise.

And after reading articles and what Shiekh Al Manee’ said about every point of those who say its haram ( their arguements are about gambling and that its riba as well) im totally convinced in his opinion.

He says that the contract is money for saftey ( or a promise of payments for damages ), and not mere gambling.

He also says that type two, is a type that can only exist in peoples minds and that the difference between the two types does not exist, because those who donate, arent really donating, but they want something in return. So the only difference is about management fees and Shiekh Al Manee’ asked, in reply to the arguements getting your money back “Since when was seeking profits haram?” ( so basically if you dont want the service, dont buy it )

He asked people on TV to keep their hearts pure and think about things without preheld feelings towards it that may ( and does ) affect their opinions.

I know im kinda pushing my opinion, but its the minority one so I get to do that 😛 Its also the way I understand things, and therefore how id explain them.

I really think retirement money, should be more contervertial than insurance because its money for money ( possible riba, at least it may seem ) unlike insurance.

Thats about insurance in general.

There many be regular, say, car insurance contracts that are haram, so its better if the company has a Share’ah board, just like Islamic banks, to make sure the contracts are Islamic ( sometimes the difference could simply be in wording, but not all the time ).

Life insurance, I havent looked into honestly. Its probably haram I believe. Im not sure if theres anything similar, yet Islamic ( according to those who hold the second opinion ), it may exist though.

Susan asks…

Do u feel Hurt when…….?

Someone close to u is a very good person( in all manners) but Nothing ever has seemed to work 4 him/her, I mean job,education, prosperity,…….U try to help them but even gold turns to copper in their hands?

Wat might be the problem here? & how would u help them?
Well I don’t think u can say these things to anyone but u can see it through their life history, that is why I’m asking.
No these people r very hard working but something seems to come to a stop 4 them for no good reason & I’m not joking.

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

That person used to be me. I worked so hard and tried to help everyone and lived a decent life and nothing worked out.

I could get a student loan for school. I moved in with my mother to save money for university and she took ill, went off work, forcing me to spend all my (very meager) earnings on maintaining an apt for the two of us.

I moved out west to make money, couldn’t get work with no experience and no education, ended up working for commission and nearly starving to death (no exaggeration, the company kept withholding our pay).

Completely shaken up by this experience, I moved home, and started dating a “protective” guy. I moved to be closer to him, and found out “protective” really meant “controlling”. I lost 7 years of my life in this relationship.

Then my father got diagnosed with cancer.

Then I lost my job.

Finally, I got accepted to a government program that sent me to college.

Then the laws changed, and I could no longer practice what I studied for.

Then my father died.

Then I got a job, for less pay and recognition, but a job nonetheless, working for the meanest, most tyrannical jerk in Toronto.

Then I met Mustafa (hamdulilah).

What he showed me is that all my life I thought that I didn’t deserve a better life. Once I started demanding better, I got a better boss, my relationships with friends and family improved, my health improved.

Life isn’t a cakewalk today, but it’s one hell of a lot better than it was 10 years ago, going 3 weeks without a scrap of food at a time. There is something non-mystical going on in your friend’s life. One way or another, they’re doing most of it to themselves. Hopefully, they figure out what it is sooner than I did.

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