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Charles asks…

I’m planning to buy Sony LCD TV 32″ from singapore, what is the prcie in sigapore mustafa, haniffa?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Not sure exactly, but best to shop around. Courts is another good place for electronics products and Expo often have electronics sales on.

Daniel asks…

Where can I buy Sony VPL HS51A lcd projector in Singapore?

Can I get it in Mustafa market

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

I am not sure if you can find that particular version, nor have been to that market, you may narrow your search or look for alternatives.

Here are some sites where you can find prices and different projector features:-
I found similar matches in Ebay

Michael asks…

Is there a wholesale store in Singapore? Like Costco or Walmart?

I know there’s no Costco… but is there a Walmart? Or a Kmart, Sam’s Club, etc.?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Actually Singapore do not have wholesale store like Costco or Walmark.
None of USA wholesale trademark / company having Branch in Singapore.
Our Local own trademark may have same business concept like Walmart, to suited local consumer needed, is always Singapore own style .
1 ) Courts is the biggest retail change store with 8 outlet ” one stop retail ” for Furniture / Electronics items / Cameras / Home Appliances / IT products / Home Audio . Provide easy payment to Local Citizen / PR. * courts do not carry care audio or any House Brand products.
The MEGA STORE have floor space of 136,2000 square feet, but compare to Walmark is ” peanut “.
2 ) France Carrefour Singapore is more to ” supermarket items “.. Only very small section for Electronics items / IT / Home Appliances , and Mose of them are ” local buyer brand ” . Very few International Brand available. Also small section for Home Living items, but Limited Choose.
3 ) Singapore Local BIG BROTHER . NTUC group supermarket with 24 hours ” hypermarket “. , just small section for local house brand – Home Living items / Household items , 68,000 sq.ft space more to Supermarket merchandise.
4 ) another Local ” brand ” .Giant . The Hypermarket also 80 % are supermarket items. Small section for other merchandise.
5 ) Musfafa Center is the only real ” one stop ” STORE !
It open 24 hours.
Mustafa Centre houses the Mustafa department store, which caters mainly to the budget market. The department store at Mustafa Centre consists of two shopping centres: one retailing jewellery and household appliances, and has a supermarket; and the other selling books, CDs and DVDs, watches, electronic goods, footware and clothing. Mustafa Centre sells more than 150,000 types of merchandise.
You name it ! Mustafa have it ! From Low prices items to Hi End international Brand.
Mustafa concept is ” cash and carry you own ” but one of the ” cheapest ” in Singapore.

Carol asks…

Best Place to buy Cell Phone In Singapore?

Where is the best place to buy a cell phone in Singapore?
I want:
good pricing (may be … lot’s of discounts)
Some good choices
Good and knowledgeable people who understands the difference between selling electronics and shampoo.

I had been to Mustafa .. One of my friends suggested it for cheap price .. but would be interested in considering some other place …

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

I always check the price at this 2 locations online:

check it out..
Btw, im not promoting these 2 companies, just seem that they sell quite a reasonable price.

George asks…

any flea markets in singapore?

which r the flea markets in singapore.. wht place and time do they operate. Is the stuff available duplicate? i mean the electronics/ cosmetics.? Do you have to bargain ? what all stuff is available?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

There are quite a few flea markets in Singapore.

Most famous should be sungei road 2nd hand flea market near Sim LiM Square. They sold from bicycles to antiques to stamps to clothings and such.

If you are refering to electronics flea market, I believe we dont have one but you can consider going down to SIM LIM Square for bargain electronics gadgets and such. Do do you homework before going down so that you won’t turn into a carrot by some of the shops there.

Cosmetics? What type? Branded? Most of the branded cosmetics in Singapore are under controlled prices. If you want, you can drop by Mustafa Shopping Centre. They do parallel import so their goods are relatively cheaper.

If you want non-branded, you can consider those $2 shops (they sell everything at $2) like daiso (there are quite a few branches – Vivocity has 1).

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