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Ruth asks…

Singapore prices for Canon EOS 350D / 400D?

Hi guys, im from India and im planning to buy a digital SLR from canon. I might be travelling to singapore in a week time on an official work. I jus wanted to know the prices for the same in singapore and best places to buy.

Prices in India are as follows:
Canon EOS 350D = Rs 37995 [approx 1310 S$]
Canon EOS 400D = Rs 48995 [approx 1689 S$]
[both with Canon EF-S 18-55 Lens+1GB Extreme III Card+UV Filter+2yr warranty]

Singapore Guys! any info/advice on this will help.
thanks in advance

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Good places in Singapore to check out the prices and get good buys for your camera are as follows:- Best Denki, Courts, Harvey Norman, Lucky Plaza, Mustafa Centre, Sim Lim Tower and Sim Lim Square. Personally, my favourite would be Sim Lim Square which has quite a number of electronics stores dealing with camera products on the first and second floors.

Mandy asks…

Buying electronics in Singapore?

My sister is in Singapore, I have asked her to bring back a video camera and mobile phone. Where should she buy it from? Where is the cheapest place in Singapore please…I have seen someone recommends ‘Sim Lim’. Where can I tell her to go without wasting time…and be guaranteed to get the best price (& genuine product) please ?? Thank you!!

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Try Mustafa Centre and Sim Lim Square if you are looking for bargains. But if you are more keen on the established and more reputable shops, you could pay a bit more to shop at places such as Harvey Norman and Best Denki. Singapore is always a good place to get electronics products. Enjoy!

Richard asks…

what kinda stuff I can get in mustafa center (singapore)?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

All kinda stuff, apparel, foodstuff, electronics, perfumes etc.

Ken asks…

Where should I bring my parents to in Singapore?

Singapore is quite small and there’s not a many attractions. Aside from Sentosa, Night Safari (and other zoos), where should I bring my parents/relatives/foreign visitors to? Normally they don’t know where to go and end up flying to Indonesia or Malaysia.

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Question is what do your parents like? You’ve mentioned the more mainstream attractions so I’m guessing they either have been here more than once or just aren’t interested in zoos and amusement parks. I thought I would have the same problem with my grandparents who come here almost every 2 years. Plus my grandmother was born and raised here. Here are some of the places they’ve asked us to bring them to and they have never made a trip out of Singapore other than to return back to the UK in their monthly stays.

If they like nature and history take them to East Coast, Changi, Bukit Chandu, Labrador Park, Bukit Timah, Macritchie Reservoir, Orchid Gardens, Japanese & Chinese Gardens, Botanic Gardens, Fort Canning. Though some aren’t the usual tourist attractions, they still have great sights and along the way you can pick up some interesting facts. Bukit Chandu has a museum at the end of the tree-top walk while the Botanic Gardens have some nice performances held there on weekends.

For more history and heritage, you’ll wanna bring them to Chinatown, Little India, Kallang, Esplanade, Asians Civilisation Museum, History Museum, Naval Museum, Sungei Road, Kranji War Memorial, take a boat ride in the Singapore River, Arab Street and even take a tour by MRT.

When they needed electronics it was Funan, Sim Lim and even Mustafa centre.

Bring them shopping in the neighbourhoods instead of Orchard Road. You’ll never know what odd things a neighburhood shop might have that would interest foreign friends. Have them over your neighbourhood for lunch too, much better and cheaper than the food court in town and they can at least go back with the experience, which is much better than a souvenir that is mass-produced in the factory.

Nancy asks…

electronics megastore in singapore?

I look for some web sites of shops of electronics them in SINGAPORE. I will come in singapore and I want to understand if some products are more expensive in italy or there.

you put link, please?

for example in Italy there are:



Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:


There are other big electronics stores who may not advertise prices on the web eg. Best Denki, Mustafa Centre. Depending on what you’re looking for, certain electronics items (eg. Digital camera, MP3 player, LCD/plasma TV, DVD player, game console players etc) can also be bought at big computer stores eg. Challenger Superstore or at Sim Lim Square

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