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Ruth asksā€¦

What and where to do shopping in Singapore?

I am right now in Singapore for next 3 days. I am from Bombay-India and on travel. I want to buy few gifts for my family members and friends. I want to buy cheap but of good quality. Brand is not important. Please guide on Place and Items to buy (preferably with cost)both. I want to buy for 7-8 persons and total budget is 300 USD.

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

If you’re looking for gifts from Singapore, they’re available in any shopping centre in the city! But if you’re looking for CHEAP and yet good quality ones, one place will totally solve your problem: Mustafa Centre. Just take a taxi and tell the driver you want to go to Mustafa, or take the MRT and drop off at Farrer Park Station and walk there.

Mustafa Centre has everything under one roof! You can get everything and anything! From perfumes to groceries to sports goods to electronics to gold to stationaries to books to etc etc. It is also worth noting that Mustafa Centre is catered mainly for the Indian community, so you will see a lot of Indian products there. Just take about 2-3 hours out of your schedule to fully explore Mustafa Centre.

As for gifts, at level 2 of Mustafa Centre, there is an entire section dedicated to souvenirs for tourists to Singapore – from t-shirts to postcards. I would recommend getting a few t-shirts. Each t-shirt would cost less than 20 Singapore dollars, which is about 14 USD.

Alternatively, you could go to the stationary and books section in level 4 and pick out a few local books and maybe photo frames/plaques/etc. These would cost you anything from US$10-50.

Also, you may want to go to the clothing section in basement 1 to buy formal shirts or Nike, Adidas, Puma and other sports products. An average product would cost about US$25.

Finally, you may want to head to level 1 and purchase some perfumes. **** IMPORTANT: you may want to note that Mustafa Centre sells perfumes AT A LOWER PRICE than most other places, INCLUDING Duty-Free Shops in the airport. They sell perfumes for about US$10-20 lower than other shops. This is because they buy in bulk, so they can sell at a lower price. So you may want to buy your perfumes here to save money. Just remember to pack them in your check-in luggage and not your hand luggage.

I hope this helped. Do head down there and explore their merchandise so that you can have a wider range of gifts to buy. Happy shopping! Ohh, and have fun in Singapore! Hopefully you’ll come back here for another holiday šŸ˜‰

James asksā€¦

What are the best places to visit or things to do in Singapore?

I will be going for a three-day vacation in Singapore on July 20-22 with my father. I am an adventurous kind of person but I would also want to visit educational places.

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

If you hate artificial beauties,
no need to go to Sentosa island – but a musicl fountain show at night there is nice – so go there only at 6pm.
Zoo and Bird Park is a must to go
and Mustafa Plaza is good for shopping goods and
Sim Lim Square is best for PC and electronics stuff
do eat Chicken rice

Daniel asksā€¦

in Singapore, from which shop i can get genuine and cheaper priced electronics goods?

i don’t want any invoice for that. please help me. actually i am going through Singapore. so i need to decide that should i stay there for 1 night on transit or not. i will be with my family. is there any big price difference with compare to Australia or India?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:


Susan asksā€¦

Hi, I and my partner are planning a tour to singapore?

What are the places to visit in and around singapore. What would be the travel expenses. How much money do we need to take to spend well in singapore? What are the best shopping places. Where are Indian food available there? Good tour agencies? Best time to visit?

Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:


1. To get a glimpse of the culture of the main racial groups in Singapore visit Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India. Visit also a heartland housing estate to see how 80% of Singaporeans live – I recommend Toa Payoh Town. Many visitors also enjoy the Night Safari, Singapore Zoo and Bird Park.

2. For expenses, expect to pay SGD100-150 for a budget hotel room, SGD250-400 for a mid-range hotel and more for the luxury hotels. Food is cheap if you eat at Singapore’s many hawkers’ centres – about SGD5-8 per person per meal. For the nicer restaurants, expect to pay SGD20-40 per person. You could buy the Singapore Tourist Pass for SGD8 per day and travel all you want on the trains and buses.

3. Shopping: Orchard Road for designer labels, trendy clothes; Sim Lim Square for consumer electronics; Mustafa Centre for everything under the sun except cars and real estate.

4. Best Indian food: Little India, accessible by MRT train. But you may find nice Indian food almost any where.

5. Best time to visit: December for the Christmas Light Up.

Laura asksā€¦

Where can I buy a crock pot in Singapore?

Which brand is the most reliable? And is there any difference between a crock pot and a rice cooker?


Mustafa Singapore Admin answers:

Hi Subbaraman, you can find crock pots or slow cookers in some of the electronics shops but most have a very limited range. I found mine at Mustafa which stocks a good range of different sizes and brands at reasonable prices.

Recently I also noticed that those neighbourhood shops that sell everything (pans, baskets, cutlery, taps, electricals, etc) also have them.

Do remember to check that the item has a warranty and have the shop stamp the card. Brand-wise, from Takahi to Toyomi, I’m afraid most are China brands these days. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen any that wasn’t. I don’t have a problem with that though – it’s just a simple cooker.

The crock pot is particularly good for stews where you can let it simmer and cook for hours while you’re away at work. Some have timers too.

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