Mustafa Singapore Forex Money Changer

Apart from shopping, many locals come to Mustafa Singapore for foreign currency exchange. Mustafa money changer offer very good rates for many currencies such as Rupees, Rupiah, RMB, Ringgit Malaysia and Peso.

Mustafa Foreign Exchange

One of the famous money changer at Mustafa Singapore is Mustafa Foreign Exchange. You will most probably see people exchanging money at the counter, not only during day time but also night time. Mustafa Foreign Exchange is located at #03-00 in Mustafa Centre. You can call them on phone number Tel: +65-62929252 to inquire about the currency exchange rates.

Foreign Currency Exchange at Mustafa Singapore
Mustafa Foreign Exchange is Open at Night too

Over the weekend, the crowd at the money changers can be long. Even though they are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, sometime they may close their counter for a short while to stock take, leaving a long queue of frustrating customers.

Finding the best forex rates at Mustafa Singapore

They are other money changers inside and around Mustafa Singapore, including a few good ones at Serangoon Plaza next door. If you need to exchange a large sum of money, it is worth the effort to check the rate at a few money changers to get the best rate.

Smaller Money Changer at Mustafa Singapore

Cautions for Changing Money at Mustafa Singapore

Most of time, you could exchange your money smoothly at Mustafa Singapore without any problem as the money changers here are very well-known and reputable. However, it is best to exercise some precaution to avoid any loss caused by either unintentional staff mistakes or attempt to cheat. If you are exchanging a large sum of money, try to ask for better rate. It may be granted. Also, insist to count the notes before you leave the counter. There are CCTV at the money changers at Mustafa Centre. So it is quite save. If you are receiving unfamiliar foreign currency note of large amount, make sure the note are in good condition (not dirty, torn or in bad condition). Lastly, keep your money in secure place such as deep pocket or bags to avoid losing it while shopping Mustafa Singapore (it is very safe here but just as general precaution to avoid anything unhappy from happening). With these precautions, exchanging foreign currency at Mustafa Singapore money changers should be a smooth and pleasant experience.

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